Mission Statement

Our mission is to passionately educate on the ramifications of choice.

From texting and driving, to choosing a spouse, diet or career, our choices effect personal and public consequences.

We will compassionately and objectively provide support, outreach and information to illustrate and substantiate the following:

Each person’s right to choose affects others; therefore, his or her legal right to the same must be counterbalanced by a civic responsibility to fellow citizens.

The privilege and inalienable right to life, as well as a corresponding respect and dignity on personal and societal levels, extends to all human beings and is safeguarded by law.

We will likewise provide education, outreach and guidance to those working through choices they regret.

We will do so on behalf of every human being regardless of race, creed, color, religion, sexual orientation, age or length of gestation, from conception to natural death.

Choices are not made in a vacuum.